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Building a bright future for amateur radio through community, education, and best-in-class technology.
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We understand the pain of navigating through decades-old software in ham radio logbooks. That's why we're reinventing the ham radio experience with the WRL Logbook - a cutting-edge solution to old school problems.
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WRL is for Hams, by Hams.

We believe that amateur radio has a bright future. That’s why we’re dedicated to building the best modern technology for amateur radio operators.

For too long, amateur radio operators have had to settle for outdated technology that doesn’t get the updates and attention it deserves, leading to a bad user experience.

Isn’t it time that amateur radio operators got something new?

Amateur radio operators deserve technology that is as intelligent and bold as they are.

That’s why we created the World Radio League.

The World Radio League is created by amateur radio operators, for amateur radio operators, with a focus on building a bright future for amateur radio through community, contesting, and best-in-class education.

We believe that the future of amateur radio depends on upgrading our technology and systems, and having the very best tech that the modern world has to offer.

We’re dedicated to continuous innovation and improvement that makes users say “WOW”!

We believe that amateur radio is for everyone, and that new operators should be welcomed into the community and educated on operation and underlying RF principles.

If you believe in a brighter future for amateur radio; if you believe that amateur radio operators deserve the BEST technology; if you want to see more innovation, more community, and more education; if you believe that amateur radio can grow by reaching new people and accepting them into our community.

Then the World Radio League is for YOU.

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WRL is More Than a LogBook.

The World Radio League is not just a place to log your ham radio contacts. It's more than that.

Advanced Logbook

We use modern technology to bring you the most advanced, user-friendly, and intuitive ham radio logbook. Log your contacts with ease, efficiency, and precision like never before.

Contests and Awards

With Digital World Logbook, you can participate in thrilling contests, earn prestigious awards, and take your ham radio operation skills to new heights. The world is your stage.


Network, message, and share experiences with other ham radio operators from every corner of the planet.


Get access to a rich library of educational materials to enhance your operating techniques. Digital World Logbook is more than a tool; it’s a growth platform for the curious and ambitious.

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