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The Future of Ham Radio Logging is Here

Log your contacts with an easy to use web logger with integrated mapping, social features, POTA, spotting, leaderboards, and much more!
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Easy to Use Logging Interface

Skip the headache of hours of setup and configuration with old school logbooks. With the World Radio League, you'll be logging contacts within seconds, even if you're a complete beginner.
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Real Time Interactive Contesting and Features

We’re laser-focused on building the future of ham radio. Think eSports, but for amateur radio -> real-time, live logging and interactive experiences.

But you don’t need to be an experienced contester to get started. We’ve designed the logbook so that even a beginner can jump in and start logging contacts.

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WRL is More Than a LogBook.

The World Radio League is not just a place to log your ham radio contacts. It's more than that.

Advanced Logbook

We use modern technology to bring you the most advanced, user-friendly, and intuitive ham radio logbook. Log your contacts with ease, efficiency, and precision like never before.

Contests and Awards

With the World Radio League, you can participate in thrilling contests, earn prestigious awards, and take your ham radio operation skills to new heights. The world is your stage.


Network, message, and share experiences with other ham radio operators from every corner of the planet.


Get access to a rich library of educational materials to enhance your operating techniques. The World Radio League is more than a tool; it’s a growth platform for the curious and ambitious.

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